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Steering Committee 2014-2016

The work of the steering committee has been extensive.  Since 2015, under the leadership of Dr. Maghboeba Mosavel, the steering committee worked diligently to solidify the structure of the Petersburg Wellness Consortium (PWC) and to brand the identity of the organization as one that is focused on impacting health and health outcomes in the City of Petersburg using the lens of the social determinants of health. 

Jan O’Neill, Coach, County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Project (funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), provided guidance in identifying strategies for building the structure of the PWC.  Through the coaching meetings, the steering committee determined that engagement of the Petersburg City leadership, non-profit organizations, and community residents was the key first step in the process.  To this end, the steering committee and the Petersburg Wellness Consortium hosted the I AM Petersburg Stakeholder’s Forum.  The forum was well attended with over 70 attendees representing the sectors of government, health, human services, education, criminal justice, business, and community.  The key questions addressed in the summit focused on (1) Where does the individual, organization, and leadership in attendance see themselves or their organization in the broad picture of improving health in the City of Petersburg, and (2) What is the collective potential of the individuals and organizations present to create improved health for all in the City of Petersburg?

The Forum illustrated both the strengths and challenges faced by the steering committee.  The task of speaking with a unified voice on how to address health indicators was vigorously debated.  Never-the-less, one outcome of the Forum was a shared belief among the majority of attendees and the steering committee that policy change and health education are important investments that are needed in the City of Petersburg.  Historically health issues were addressed through various programs focusing on health indicators; however it was agreed that a policy and systems approach was also needed to address health outcomes as a complement to the programming that was already being implemented in the City of Petersburg.

The steering committee with the support of the majority of the PWC membership also worked to solidify the organization through: (1) the creation and adoption of the organizations by-laws; (2) the formation of three work groups: chronic disease, youth health and wellness, and oral health integration; (3) the development of the PWC website; (4) the election of the first leadership team: Chair, Theresa Caldwell, Vice-Chair, Annie Mickens, Secretary, Rachel Beck-Berman and Treasurer, Katelyn Schifano; (5) the development of the policies and procedures for the PWC; (6) co-sponsoring the City of Petersburg Healthy and Equitable Communities Workshop, which will result in technical assistance opportunities to assist the workgroups in strategic planning,; and (7) the first Petersburg Wellness Consortium Annual report that will be distributed in 2017. Furthermore, under the guidance of Dr. Mosavel, the steering committee secured funding through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Dentaquest Foundation to assist with the continued work of the PWC.

 The steering committee is humbled by the opportunity to serve the community of Petersburg and looks forward to supporting the new leadership team as they take the PWC to the next chapter.    

New Board of Directors!


On October 20th 2016, the Petersburg Wellness Consortium (PWC) is proud to announce that they have elected their first Board of Directors. This is an exciting time as it marks a pivotal moment in the history of the PWC because it is creating the foundation for the sustainability of the consortium. In a unanimous vote, Theresa Caldwell, Anne Mickens, Rachel Beck-Berman, and Katelyn Schifano were elected for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.  The new Board will begin their term starting January 1st, 2017.

Oral Health

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